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All services are provided to GreenHouse clients free of charge.




The system can be intimidating for victims and caregivers. Your assigned Advocate will explain the process so you can make informed decisions every step of the way. Advocates connect victims and families to services to ensure positive outcomes and a return to normalcy after crisis.

Support Group

Support Groups

Support groups are offered based on participation and availability of staff. At this time, we do not have any active support groups.


Support groups are a safe space for healing and continued recovery in a powerful setting where strength can be given and borrowed. For information about groups, please call (706) 278-4769.

Girl in Therapy


A Forensic Interviewer is trained to conduct a non-leading conversation at the request of law enforcement and/or DFCS, meaning victims tell their story one time, on camera, and eliminating the need for multiple interviews in most cases. Forensic Interviews are not done at the request of caregivers.

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Our therapists are licensed professionals with specialized training in trauma. Therapists work with the client and their supportive caregivers to build resiliency, learn healthy coping skills, and make plans for future safety. Therapists offer hope to families after trauma.

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