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Serving Whitfield and Murray counties since 1995.

Children's Race

About Us

The GreenHouse Child Advocacy & Sexual Assault Center facilitates a trauma-informed system response to reports of child abuse and/or sexual assault, providing free services to victims and their supportive caregivers/partners.


The GreenHouse provides a central, home-like setting for a trauma-informed response to reports of child abuse and assault. We serve children and youth who have made allegations of sexual or severe physical abuse. The reporting process is designed to be a single event overseen and followed up by a multidisciplinary team that includes law enforcement, medical personnel, and child protective services. Additionally, advocates provide ongoing support for the entire family while our therapists offer hope to families after trauma.

Forensic Interviews

The GreenHouse serves as the site for forensic interviews of children in possible neglect or abuse cases, and is done at the request of law enforcement and/or DFCS. A Forensic Interviewer is trained to conduct a non-leading conversation so victims can tell their story one time, on camera, to reduce the need for the child to tell his or her story over and over again. 


The Advocate provides services to the non-offending caregivers and child victim(s). Services include a needs assessment, referrals to various community resources, connection to the local victim’s rights agency, and ongoing support throughout the investigation, intervention, and treatment process. Referrals for our therapeutic services come from the advocate as well.


Abuse doesn't define a person. Our therapists are licensed professionals with specialized training in trauma. Therapists work with the client and their supportive caregivers to build resiliency, learn healthy coping skills, and make plans for future safety. Therapists offer hope to families after trauma.

Are you a victim of sexual assault? Call our 24/7 hotline. 

Call our 24-hour availability hotline if you need to speak with someone after an assault. All calls are 100% free, confidential, and safe. If you are in an emergency, do not hesitate to call 9-1-1.

Any time of day or night, we're here for you. Call (706) 222-1147 for 24/7 crisis support.

No tienes que ir a un hospital despues de agresion sexual. Llama para asistencia (706) 222-1147.

If you choose to go to the hospital for a forensic medical exam the Hamilton Medical Center's Forensic Unit is a service that you can utilize. 

Contact Us


Mailing Address

P.O. Box 983,

Dalton, GA 30722



Office: (706) 278-4769

Fax: (706) 279-3141


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