Prevention Education


Creating a Culture of Consent

We are currently scheduling for January 2021 to host prevention education seminars, featuring the research provided through CBI, Consulting, LLC. Our adult-focused prevention program, "Protecting Your Children: Advice From Child Molesters" offers specific ways caregivers and community members can protect children in their roles.


Education is the key to building a safe, resilient, and sustainable community. The GreenHouse wants to forge a new path toward prevention rather than reaction.

Our highly-qualified staff are trained to deliver prevention curriculum that uses 30+ years worth of research, allowing caregivers and other adults to understand the methods of grooming, deception, and denial sex offenders use to continue their abuse of children.

Armed with this knowledge, community members will be empowered to stop abuse before it happens, spot the warning signs of child molestation, and respond appropriately to allegations.

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Kids Playing with Chalk

Our Board and Staff are committed to preventing child abuse and sexual assault through highly-specialized, community-based education offered at no cost to agencies, organizations, churches, and businesses.