Prevention Education

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Education is the key to building a safe, resilient, and sustainable community. While The GreenHouse will continue to facilitate a trauma-informed system response, we remain committed to preventing child abuse before it happens.

Our highly-qualified staff are trained to deliver prevention curriculum that uses 30+ years worth of research, allowing caregivers and other adults to understand the methods of grooming, deception, and denial sex offenders use to continue their abuse of children.

Children are not responsible for their own safety--adults are. Schedule a class for your place of worship, civic organization, or employer below and be part of protecting our community's children.

Creating a Culture of Consent

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Protecting Your Children: Advice from Sex Offenders is a three-hour, in-person course focused on educating adults on the signs of child sexual abuse, the typical tactics used by sex offenders, and how everyone can play a role in protecting children.

In order to ensure your class is successful, please submit the following form and a staff member will contact you to finalize scheduling. Of note--online submissions are the only way our agency will accept requests for prevention education.

The form below should only be completed and submitted by the sole contact person on behalf of the requesting agency/organization. This person should be authorized to request this course and will serve as the sole contact for the scheduled course. Multiple contacts will not be allowed to ensure streamlined communication.

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