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At The GreenHouse, we welcome all types of volunteers! We appreciate any and all support from our community.

Our main focus is always the safety and confidentiality of victims and their non-offending family members. To that end, all volunteers must submit to a background check before being allowed to volunteer. To get started, complete and notarize the following forms:

Then, mail the notarized forms to The Greenhouse at the following mailing address:

  • P.O. Box 983 Dalton, Ga. 30722

Please note: all background check forms must be notarized before they are submitted. No digital copies will be accepted under any circumstances. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 706-278-4769.

As mentioned, confidentiality of our clients and their non-offending family member’s identities remains paramount to our volunteer needs. To that end, please do not stop by our location without an appointment to meet with the Executive Director or other staff meeting as we could be hosting a family during a forensic interview or therapy session. We want to not only protect the children and families we serve, but we also want to give you our full attention since you’re graciously sharing your time and efforts with us!



If we can provide a presentation for your church, club, or group, please call us and let us schedule a date. We are happy for any opportunities to explain our services.


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The GreenHouse Wish List consists of items used at our facility on a consistent basis.

  • Individually-wrapped snacks (crackers, Little Debbies, etc.)

  • Juice boxes or Capri Sun juice beverages

  • Art supplies (glue, construction paper, Play-doh, markers, crayons, etc.)

  • Paper products (paper towels, box tissue, toilet paper)


Provide Financial Support

The GreenHouse is a non-profit organization. Your tax-deductible gift allows us to continue providing our services and is greatly appreciated.