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The GreenHouse provides a safe, friendly place that addresses the needs of children and adolescents that have experienced a traumatic event. Your support will allow us to continue to provide therapeutic services and other client-centered services that are available upon request for our children and their non-offending caregivers. All services are free-of-charge to our families thanks to this compassionate community. 


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The GreenHouse CAC/SAC welcomes volunteers who want to assist with meeting the needs of our community's most vulnerable citizens! This process should be completed on a PC/Laptop.

Here's how you can join us!

1. Open and download the application:

2. Complete both pages and include your signature.

3. Take a photo of your current driver's license (front )

3. Submit your application using the form to the right after you've uploaded the necessary documentation.

Additional information:
Volunteers must be over the age of 18 and no longer attending an institution of secondary education.
Incomplete packets will not be accepted or cause for agency follow-up.
Volunteers will be asked to complete specific trainings if direct client contact is a component of their volunteer time with us.
Please allow up to 10 working days for your application to be approved. One of our agency staff will contact you.
Questions? Call 706.278.4769

Volunteer Application Form

Give us a hand & start making a difference

Science and Technology Class

No incomplete applications will be accepted or acknowledged. In order to ensure your application is processed, please upload the required documentation after it's completed and someone will contact you directly.

Thank you!

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