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F.I.Request for MDT Partners

This page is for Multi-Disciplinary Partners ONLY. No requests for services from those unaffiliated with a Multi-Disciplinary Team will be scheduled as Forensic Interviews and Forensic Medical Exams are only scheduled by Law Enforcement and/or DFCS.

If you have concerns regarding the safety of a child, please call 911 and/or 1-855-GA-CHILD to connect with the Department of Family and Children Services.

Request a Forensic Interview


If same day service is needed
please call 706.278.4769

Is DFCS involved?
Who will be bringing the child to the Forensic Interview?

Please select any applicable diagnoses or accommodations needed by the victim and/or the custodial caregiver.

Is the Alleged Offender a household member with the victim?
Is the Alleged Offender in custody?

Please use the space below to provide any necessary case details.